A Small Group is a supportive, nurturing environment where people interact together over God’s word and build authentic relationships through life experiences, successes and struggles. As we connect and grow together, we model the bible’s “one another” principle by transforming our community.

How do you get involved in a Small Group?

We find that the most successful Small Groups occur naturally, over time, and are the result of a few different factors. The list below will give you a good idea of how that happens.

  • Once or twice each year we choose a book for the whole church to study at the same time. The pastors use it as a resource for their weekly talks and then we meet in Small Groups, at various homes, during the week for further discussion. At this time we make new Small Groups available, and they meet for the duration of the all-church study. Sometimes they decide to continue meeting on a regular basis!
  • Each group that meets for a course is also considered a Small Group, because those in attendance naturally have similar interests, or are in a similar stage of life. While our courses have definite beginning and ending dates, some of our groups continue to meet after their course has finished.
  • If you are already connected to people because of a common interest, similar stages in life, or compatible personalities, then you could form a Small Group very easily and naturally. Contact Pastor Dave Andrews for details about getting started.