31 Days of Now – Day 22

The counter is sticky and littered with not one, but two days worth of dirty dishes. My suitcase is still sitting unpacked in the hallway three days after coming home. The laundry is a never-ending eyesore, dust balls covered in cat fur are drifting across the dirty floor, and there isn’t a clean pair of boxers in the drawer. Every toy is scattered, every blanket and pillow strewn, and various items still sit by the front door waiting for someone to care enough to put them away. The fridge is getting bare, we’re out of milk again, and deadlines await via an overloaded email inbox. There’s gymnastics practice and homework and.., sound familiar?

These are the moments that cause one to question their now. These are the moments that cause one to rethink now and lean towards later. These are the moments that leave one feeling incompetent. And these are some of the very moments where the enemy can be found lurking behind corners preparing to swoop in.

John 10:10, The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.

The enemy is out to steal our attention, kill our spirit, and destroy soul. When we attempt to step out and claim our now, it sometimes feels as though all matter of chaos erupts in our once simple existence: spouses are fighting, children are needing, things are breaking, bank accounts appear to be shrinking, and no one seems to be effectively communicating.

And in these moments, these things are very real. The have the ability to suffocate us from within making us believe that claiming our now and fulfilling our purpose simply isn’t worth the fight. The semi-chaotic life isn’t for everyone, and feeling overwhelmed can make one feel underwhelmed to complete even a small task. But perhaps the chaos itself is a testing of sorts to determine if we are truly willing to walk out the dream, not just dream the dream.

Something will always have to give, compromise will have to be executed, and expectations most certainly adjusted. Through all of this, let’s remember that Jesus promised He would give us life- and give it to us abundantly. To give something life you must nourish it with all that is good and pure in order for it to thrive and be sustainable. To sustain something is to give something support and strength, yet the word sustain also means to endure and suffer.

If Jesus has promised us life, then He has promised to nourish us with all that is good and pure so that we may sustain- endure and suffer– this life with great abundance. Chaos and all.

Father, help me to see past the chaos and into your kingdom. Though life around me is threatening to overwhelm my mind and emotions, I will stand firm on the truth that your power and strength is all I need to endure… and help me to give it all I’ve got. In Jesus name, amen.

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