Maybe you’ve heard that a woman needs to be loved by her husband and a man needs to be respected by his wife. However, if you’re like the average man or woman, you’re thinking, “Sure, that all sounds great, but what does it mean?”

Men often define love differently than their wives, while women often don’t know how to define respect. If both you and your spouse have these needs, but don’t know what they are, how can you satisfy each other? Without a definition, it’s like trying to throw a dart at a board but you don’t know where to aim.

That’s why we’re here to help. Once you and your spouse understand what it means to love and respect, relational landmines can be avoided. The result can be greater love, deeper intimacy and movement toward the kind of marriage that God desires for you.

At the conclusion of this course we encourage you to join us for the Marriage Live Event being held at the London Campus on Saturday, March 10, where couples from across our province will join us for a day designed to refresh, empower and bring healing, hope and strength to marriages.

Course Details

  • Schedule: Tuesdays 7 – 9 PM (January 23 – March 6)
  • Location: London Campus
  • Facilitated by: Pastor Rick & Cheryl Boyes
  • Cost: $25/couple
    Payment options: cash/cheque/debit/ in person or via PayPal (Link provided upon submission of registration form.)
  • Note: Child care is not provided.

Marriage Live Event Details

  • Schedule: Saturday, March 10, 9 AM – 5 PM
  • Cost: $99/couple (includes materials & lunch)
  • Note: Child care is not provided.

Advance registration required.
Payment for the Marriage Live Event can be made at a later date. Registration & payment deadline: Sunday, March 4

Additional free resources can be found on the “Love and Respect” app. Get it here!