Mom Connection: Building a strong community of moms at Gateway that support, encourage and uplift each other through both the pretty, and the ugly moments of motherhood.

There are days when we love this whole mom thing and we feel like we have it all under control. But then, there are days when we literally feel drained, swamped, and discouraged. It can make all the difference when you have other moms to support you, to have your back, to understand and relate to what you’re going through.

That’s what Mom Connection is for!

At Mom Connection moms can bring their babies and preschoolers for a time of play and socializing. We’ll have fun activity stations set up for the kids and, of course, hot coffee brewing for moms. We’ll all be in one room together so this will be a great time to connect and share our hearts with each other.

  • Schedule: 2nd & 4th Wednesday mornings 9:30 – 11:30 AM (Sep-Nov & Jan – May)
  • Location: London Campus (890 Sarnia Rd.)
  • Cost: FREE!