31 Days of Now – Day 26

As I stood behind the stone counter waiting to be served, my eyes roamed the glass wall that contained various overpriced sweet goods. The hum of coffee house conversation echoed off the walls. Small groupings of people had gathered in laughter, others sat alone with small buds tucked into their ears in attempt to keep out the noise.

Behind the counter were four young baristas all busy with fumbling hands. As one employee was finishing with another customer, she turned her attention to another task. I continued to stand and wait with eyes still roaming. Behind me at a table was a gathering of four more coffee house employees engaged in discussion. I continued to wait. Eight employees. One customer with a deep seeded need for a strong coffee waiting to be acknowledged. It was several long moments before I had said strong coffee in hand, and it did not taste as delicious as I had hoped.

Colossians 3: 23-24, In all the work you are doing, work the best you can. Work as if you were doing it for the Lord, not for people. Remember that you will receive your reward from the Lord, which he promised to his people. You are serving the Lord Christ.

So easily our attention can waver when the tasks to be completed are seemingly never-ending. And then the distractions often cause us to forget what task we were trying to accomplish in the first place. There exists some individuals who are expert plate spinners able to tackle many tasks at once. They thrive on the challenge and perform well in the chaos. And then there are those of us that have too many broken plates as evidence that plate spinning is not our forte. The challenge is suffocating, the chaos soul crushing.

If now is our time to step up and step out, then perhaps now is a most important time to fully understand what our capabilities and limitations are so that we may work to the best of our God-given abilities. Paying attention to our surroundings in all that we do is crucial in helping to equip and prepare us to handle greater responsibility.

It is our integrity in our efforts that will determine our success in the aftermath.

Acknowledging how we spin the many plates that are our dreams and responsibilities is an important step in understanding whether we are people who will thrive or survive in the chaos of life. Let us remember that in all we do- and dream to do– we must do it with the greatest of efforts unto The Lord who desires to have us live this life abundantly.

Father, help me to work diligently unto your kingdom and not for my own personal gain. As I step out to fulfill the desires of my heart, may I always remember that those desires were placed there by your hand. In all that I do may I do it for you. In Jesus name, amen.

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