I stood off to the side of the office kitchen cleaning up the last of my mess. The tell-tale signs of the lunch hour had begun wafting its way through the cavernous room. Several men had entered through the doors and, with lunch bags and square reusable containers tucked securely in their hands, they sat themselves down at a large round table that had seen many years of wear and tear.

After a few moments of casual banter, one of the men in my sightline had removed a bible from his bag and began to read out loud to the others. They sat in comfortable silence listening to the soothing voice of their colleague and friend as he shared the words of Jesus. As he read, an ongoing conversation of the Scriptures ensued. I bared witnesses to their actions as I continued to clean up very much looking the odd one out all alone with my blue visitors tag hanging around my neck.

Though the building and place of business in which I stood was the head office of an international ministry, I was impressed by the personal actions of this small band of covenant brothers at a lunch table. What impressed itself upon my soul was the fact that the fleeting moments within their work day that were theirs and their alone… well, weren’t. The moments they had to enjoy each others company, partake in a much needed meal, and perhaps share news from their personal lives, were used to build each other up in the Word instead. And it occurred to me that they did indeed accomplish all that: they enjoyed the company of Christ with them, nourished themselves with daily bread, and shared themselves in a most personal nature discussing their points of view on Scripture.

Psalm 39:4, “Lord, remind me how brief my time on earth will be. Remind me that my days are numbered— how fleeting my life is.”

If we were to take the fleeting moments in our day and spend them with Christ, I do not think they would feel so fleeting, but rather fulfilling. Christ greatly desires for us to spend time with Him, but always the gentleman, He never forces Himself upon us. He awaits the invitation. Most people do not work for a ministry, but that does not mean they can’t bring the ministry into their workday. If we were to spend the breaks in our workday with Him by reading our bible, spending time in prayer, or digging into a devotional or study, we would know more of Christ’s character, be greatly nourished, and the depth of our spiritual transformation would be immeasurable.

Father, grow the desire to spend more time with you within us so that our character would deepen like that of your Son. Though the moments are fleeting, we invite you into them for we know they are not ours to own. In Jesus name, amen.

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