January 29 & February 5

Today we have more social networking, more friends and followers, and more connectivity than ever. But somehow we are more socially isolated, disconnected and lonely than ever.

We live in a community, but we hardly know anyone in it. Real community involves connecting, learning, knowing, feeling and uniting with others. It’s something we all really need, and it takes time and effort. Have we traded the real thing for the instant, drive-through version?

You may have heard stories from the bible about a man named Jesus. In those stories we find that He really cared about people, even the ones others ignore. He met with them, talked with them, ate with them, connected with them, and influenced them in such a way that they were never the same again. That’s what real community is meant to do. And you are meant to experience it!

In this 2-part series we look at Jesus in Community. Maybe we can find the real thing. 

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