This Is Us, 1: A Step in the Right Direction

This Is Us, 2: A Spiritual Community

This Is Us, 3: A Relationship with God

September 10 – 24

There’s a TV show called This is Us which is just into its second season. It simply shows who these people are, what they’re like, how they live, where they’re going, when they have life-changing moments, and why they are both ordinary and yet extraordinary.

They could be like any of us. Let us ask you: Which direction are you headed? Is it the right one? What steps are you taking? Are you heading towards fulfilling your potential and purpose? What values do you hold to above all else? Are you able to truly live out what you value? Are your relationships bringing health and wholeness to your life? Are you experiencing true community?

We invite you to discover all of these, and we’d love to help you with that. It all begins with a step in the right direction. This is us. We’d love for you to be us too.

Campus Locations & Times

We have three services each weekend: 9:30 & 11:30 AM at our London Campus at 890 Sarnia Road and, 9:00 & 11:00 AM at our Komoka Campus at the Komoka Community Center, 133 Queen St. View maps here.

Sermon notes and videos are provided to help you in your spiritual growth and development, as well as for you to use for various bible studies or home groups. We encourage you to dig deeper into the thoughts and truths found in our sermons, which may produce further questions for you or your group. Here are some recommended resources that we encourage you to use in order to seek answers to your questions, and pursue a greater understanding of spiritual truth.

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