Our Weekly Service Talks

Talks during our weekend services are prepared and presented by our pastors with the purpose of sharing God’s Word in ways that are practical and thought provoking. We record one of our London campus services and add it to this resource page, and the Gateway app’s “Sunday” section. If notes are available, we include them as well.

You can watch recordings of the entire weekend service, including the songs we sing!

During certain times throughout the year we offer writings that coordinate with our theme. These devotions are written by one of our dedicated volunteers and can be found on the bottom of our home page or at the link below.

We hope these resources will challenge you, encourage you and help you take a step in the right direction.


You Asked For It

Today's talk features five of our pastors answering questions that were submitted by members of our church family, related to spiritual life/growth, community and current events.


Jesus in Community

Today we have more social networking, more friends and followers, and more connectivity than ever. But somehow we are more socially isolated, disconnected and lonely than ever.


Creating Community

Facebook… Twitter… Instagram… LinkedIn… Tumblr… Pinterest… Snapchat. These are some of the most popular "social networking" sites and apps. We’ve got contacts and communities, friends and followers.


Welcome Home

I remember the day I left for college. It was a long time ago, but I still remember everything about it: packing up my stuff, loading it into the car, saying goodbye to my...

Tell the Story - feature

Tell the Story

During the early days of the church, everything that followers of Jesus believed, and said, and did, where all based on the story, the account of one person telling another person the truth of...


Starting Point

April 3 - May 1 and May 15 – 29: Everything has a starting point. Every person, every idea, every journey. We all have questions about life: why we’re here, where we’re going, what...


Once and For All

Christ died for our sins. He was buried, and raised on the third day, according to Holy Scripture, and this is the event that has brought us hope.



If you've watched the weather network lately, you likely noticed that so many places in the world are experiencing their share of storms. Whether you’re out in a boat, walking on the street, or...