With wild eyes brimming in panic, my youngest child rushed to tell me that the button on the water cooler got stuck as she was attempting to fill her cup. It took a moment before I realized that while we were upstairs discussing this predicament, the water cooler button was still stuck which meant the water cooler nozzle was unleashing it fury upon the kitchen floor.

Taking two steps at a time down the staircase, I hurried into the kitchen to find a small flood accumulating around the water cooler, underneath the fridge, and running down the hallway. In a surprisingly calm fashion I reminded my child why she was cautioned not to use the water cooler on her own in the first place, and she wasn’t to use it without my permission. My concern was to not only avoid the flood, but protect my child from the aftermath of the flood. And as I mopped up the mess on bended knee, towels becoming heavy and waterlogged, my mind began to ponder the nature of God’s sovereignty in our lives.

The sovereignty of God means that all things are under God’s control, and that nothing in our life happens without His permission. God works everything together under His own will and by His own counsel… not ours.

When we have great dreams and visions placed within our soul, they are but pieces of our purpose in its full measure. Sometimes we become fixated on the pieces of the puzzle that is our life’s journey simply because we do not have the ability to see the full picture. We must understand that the glimpses and pieces have great purpose, for if The Lord poured out the plans for our life like water running out of a nozzle, we would not be able to handle the aftermath of the flood.

Romans 8:28, And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them.

Let us move forward in truth seeking contentment in the work that has been laid at our feet this day. Know that when we are submitting unto the Holy Spirit, walking confidently, and pressing into Jesus daily, the unfolding will begin. We will be able to accomplish the tasks set before us- the tasks that are our stepping stones- because we’re not heavy and waterlogged by the aftermath of a flood.

Father, we know that your plans and purposes are greater than our own. Help us to find contentment in the every day, completing the tasks you have laid at our feet. In Jesus name, amen.

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